26th World Congress of Dermatology
Innovation and Diversity in Dermatology
Candidate City Munich

The 3 Societies

Dermatology in the Heart of Europe

DDG – German Society of Dermatology

The scientific professional society of Dermatology in Germany (DDG) was founded at Charles University in Prague in 1889 after preliminary meetings had been held in Cologne in 1888.  

In the German-speaking countries, dermatology is an independent discipline of medicine covering a broad spectrum of diseases, from common diseases such as allergies, autoimmune dermatosis and atopic dermatitis to psoriasis, skin cancer and skin infections. 

Our mission is to promote science and research in dermatology and to link the findings of research with clinical practice. Based on scientific evidence, we draw up current diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines, whose implementation in clinical practice and in health policy helps to shape both areas.  

We aim to provide the best possible patient-oriented medical care for skin diseases according to the current state of knowledge. But also, less common disorders such as congenital and autoimmune diseases are part of our focus. Central of our specialty are diagnostics, treatment, prevention, and aftercare of diseases of the skin and the adjacent mucous membranes. We are also very much committed to research in all these fields. We not only investigate physiological and disease processes of the skin organ, but also fundamental cell biological, immunological and oncological mechanisms and maintain manifold contacts to other medical disciplines and basic research. 

With our more than 3,800 members, the DDG represents dermatology with its subspecialities allergology, andrology, occupational and environmental dermatology, dermatosurgery, dermatohistology, dermatoinfectiology, dermatooncology, early diagnosis, genodermatoses, immunology, prevention, phlebology, photodermatology, psychodermatology, rehabilitation and venereology (STIs).  

The DDG pursues nonprofit purposes and has set up a foundation to supply scholarships for research projects. The DDG is financed by the regular contributions of its members as well as the donations of supporting members, which are natural and legal persons who wish to promote our goals. 

The DDG cooperates closely with other international dermatological societies like, EADV, EDF, ESDR and UEMS and is engaged in a ILDS collaboration. As a scientific professional organization, we ensure that future generations of dermatologists receive excellent clinical training and that dermatologic research flourishes. Prevention and rehabilitation are other important fields of action. 

The DDG presents in alternating years two well-attended medical congresses with about 5,000 participants. The classic DDG meeting runs several days and provides a broad spectrum of lectures, symposia and courses. JDDG, our scientific publication with an impact factor of 5.2, is devoted to presenting latest advances in clinical dermatology as well as high quality continuing medical education, also in the English language.  

ÖGDV – Austrian Society of Dermatology and Venereology

The Austrian Society of Dermatology and Venereology (ÖGDV) aims to promote the scientific development and practical implementation of the specialty of skin and venereal diseases, including the special disciplines.  

The most important special disciplines are allergology, angiology, phlebology, dermatohistopathology, immunodermatology, dermatological genetics, operative dermatology, dermatological oncology, proctology, dermatological cosmetology, photobiology, dermatological laser and radiation therapy, dermatological laboratory diagnostics, dermatological microbiology, sexually transmitted diseases, psychosomatic dermatology, environmental medicine and expert opinion as well as health care and rehabilitation in the entire field of skin diseases. 

For this purpose, the ÖGDV organizes annual scientific and continuing education congresses and operates its own working group for dermatological continuing education (ÖADF). The ÖGDV advises individuals, other medical societies as well as authorities. It is concerned with the health and social consequences of skin diseases as well as their prevention. The ÖGDV takes care of professional political interests and prepares quality standards and guidelines. The ÖGDV cooperates in national and international committees within the European Union and is integrated in the International League of Dermatological Societies.  

The ÖGDV pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes and is financed by regular contributions of its members as well as by donations. Full members are specialists in skin and venereal diseases or physicians in training for this specialty. Supporting members are natural and legal persons who wish to promote the goals of the ÖGDV. 

SSDV – Swiss Society of Dermatology and Venereology

The Swiss Society of Dermatology and Venereology SSDV was founded in 1913.

The founding members of the society, such as Josef Jadassohn and Bruno Bloch (and their successors, such as Guido Miescher), laid the foundations for the European and international development in our specialty. They were pioneers in the field of pathophysiological-functional, (translational) clinical research, coupled with a high level of social commitment.

The research on immunological skin reactions, skin cancer and infections, which they conducted in close international collaboration and at the highest level, continues seamlessly to this day.

Dermatologists of the Swiss Society of Dermatology and Venereology stand for high quality in dermatological research and practice and exponents of the SSDV are among the world’s leading experts in dermatology. Together with colleagues from Germany and Austria, they will guarantee a world congress at the highest level.

The World Congress of Dermatology will take place in Guadalajara, Mexico. Nevertheless, we are very thankful for the overwhelming support we received throughout the bidding process and would like to also extend our thanks to the ILDS for the possibility to present Munich as a candidate for the World Congress. We wish all delegates a brilliant experience in Mexico in 2027, we will see you there!