26th World Congress of Dermatology
Innovation and Diversity in Dermatology
Candidate City Munich


One Aim. Three Countries. 

The dermatological societies of the three German-speaking countries in Europe: Germany, Austria and Switzerland, are pleased to present their joint candidacy for hosting the World Congress of Dermatology WCD in Munich in 2027.  

As an Olympic City, Munich perfectly reflects our motto “Innovation and Diversity in Dermatology” by combining both in science, culture and tradition. Dermatology is historically deep-rooted in our three countries, already having been founded at the end of the 19th century. Today we are broadly positioned in terms of specialization and innovation and our attunement to the future. We will offer you a program that includes the latest scientific, clinical and social research results worldwide. Our focus will be on dermatological specialties of all countries and cultures, and we will also address the impact of social structures of other continents on dermatology. 

Munich, the leading business metropolis in the heart of Europe offers you, as our guests, an inspiring environment between tradition and modernity: a city full of life’s joys, coziness and progressiveness. This cosmopolitan region stands for innovation represented by prestigious universities and institutions like the Max Plank Institute and Helmholtz Society. Developing future technologies that guarantee sustainability and answers to climate change is our daily agenda. 

New techniques are already being used in dermatology such as artificial intelligence, bulk RNA sequencing, and bulk single cell proteomics. These research activities increase our understanding of skin diseases and enhance our possibilities to provide advanced educational programs to the global family of dermatologists.  

Munich Airport is easy to get to from around the world and Munich is one of the safest cities in Europe. It offers an excellent infrastructure with a wide selection of hotels and accommodations in all categories.  

The International Congress Center Munich is easy to reach and is characterized by lots of daylight, perfect room sizes for a WCD and has state-of-the-art event technology. 

Munich is a great hub for visiting the famous Alps, wonderful lakes, magnificent castles, and exceptional museums and offers short travel times to Zürich, Vienna or Salzburg. Well known for its world-famous Oktoberfest, the “cosmopolitan city with a heart” delights visitors with its historic center, magnificent monuments, spacious green oases and a world-class cultural scene. English is spoken everywhere, and the people of Munich are worldly and enjoy life. They welcome their guests with open arms, offering them plenty of opportunities to participate in the vibrant life of the city.  

Our application is supported by dermatological societies in Europe and other continents, and we will offer you a diverse program from clinical practice to research, technology and innovation. 

We are happy to let you know that our three countries are committed to fund and support with part of the financial surplus of the congress several dermatological projects in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Tanzania with which we have already been cooperating closely for years.   

As our three dermatological societies are non-profit organizations, we will also use the surplus to grant scholarships and to advance research and innovation for spreading the results and accelerate improving skin health around the world.  

We would like to invite you to share our enthusiasm, our confidence and anticipation of a successful and enriching 26th WCD in Munich with all of you.  

Munich would love to welcome you and we are ready to host the WCD 2027 in Munich! 


Prof. Thomas Luger

Prof. Johann Bauer

Prof. Daniel Hohl

Prof. Rudolf Stadler

Prof. Klemens Rappersberger

Prof. Michel Gilliet

Prof. Sonja Stander

The World Congress of Dermatology will take place in Guadalajara, Mexico. Nevertheless, we are very thankful for the overwhelming support we received throughout the bidding process and would like to also extend our thanks to the ILDS for the possibility to present Munich as a candidate for the World Congress. We wish all delegates a brilliant experience in Mexico in 2027, we will see you there!